Friday, 29 November 2013

The beauty of aesthetic medicine

Why do some of us choose a career in Aesthetic Medicine? What tempts us away from the conventional challenges pertaining to the world of medicine and surgery,  treating sick and injured people, to a world of facial enhancement, beautification and rejuvenation?

This aspect of medicine appeals to those medical professionals with an eye for the aesthete. This is the only specialty which introduces art into a works of science. The appreciation of this marriage between art and science is is what allows us to safely deliver superior results to our patients.

While we would immediately assume that aesthetic medicine does not involve illness per se, the cohort of patients we see, differs extensively from our usual patients presenting to our surgeries. Psychological morbidity may feature quite heavily in aesthetic clinics.

Aesthetic medicine is a unique specialty because it allows us to safely enhance and improve our patients' sense of well being and self esteem.

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